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About NX Brands

Mission Statement

NX Brands continues to research and develop proprietary products while discovering unique brands that all are woven with the same common thread.  Quality, natural, unique and ethical, we find solutions for our customers, not customers for our products.


NX Brands mandate is to continue to develop our membership program through our Connective Sales System powered to offer you unique products with deep discounts. Our objective as a company is to continue to develop our proprietary products while scouring the globe to bring you brands that are cohesive to our mission.  We always want to showcase quality, natural, interesting and amazing items that work great, are made well and make you want to share them with others.


NX Brands started with a couple really awesome people, with a couple really awesome inventions and evolved into the collaboration and powerhouse that it is today.  Much like any new company we struggled through the design and creation of our inventions, we battled the synergies of developing a team that understood our mandate and have created something truly special and unique.  All from a conversation on road trip that sparked the idea, a connective sales system to take our products to market, and through the best possible form of marketing, word of mouth, NX Brands was born!

Our Brands

We have developed our brands with one thing in mind, quality, and simplicity.  As we on load new Brands they undergo a strict assessment to ensure that they meet our mandate, mission, and cohesive flair.  Everything we bring to our Connectors and Customers must radiate quality, be natural, unique and ethical.  We showcase items that you can’t find anywhere else and that are so amazing you can’t wait to tell people about them!

Your Opportunity

When you join NX Brands you join our movement, and that is to continue to develop our membership program through our Connective Sales System powered to offer you unique products with deep discounts.  When you join as a Connector you may have the desire to maintain your membership in order to receive your exclusive discount on all our products and brands. You may also recognize the value of developing your own Connective Sales System, you may be passionate about hosting home parties, setting up at markets, doing online marketing, being a brand ambassador, hitting the pavement as a sales rep or simply sharing the products with friends and family to make some residual income.  Whatever may suit your marking pallet, we have products to fit that spectrum and want to make sure that you are tapping into all the resources that we have developed.  Our team at NX Brands has worked hard behind the scenes to ensure your shopping experience is easy, our products are timeless and your efforts are rewarded.

Our Team

Zack Klassen


As a serial entrepreneur, Zack specializes in bringing product ideas to market. Working in a variety of industries ranging from coffee to gardening supplies, since 2012 he has raised over $1M in capital and successfully launched four companies, all still in operation today. Zack has a successful track record of identifying opportunities in emerging markets as well as penetrating competitive markets and building cash-flow positive companies from the ground up. Zack has worked in Corporate Sales & Investments, Product Development, Creative and Web Design, Real Estate and Capital Fundraising. He is bilingual in English and Spanish, and also speaks some French. Zack is Head of Product Development and E-Commerce for all brands.



Janelle Bennett joined our team and has grown to be a great asset; she is excited about the values and sustainability of our natural products. Before becoming a part of the NX Brands Company, Janelle spent the last 17 years in the financial industry and human resources sector. Her experience has created the ability to successfully manage and organize her team and prepare them for success. Her Administrative background has provided the company with great support, guidance, and direction as we have forged our journey together. Janelle is a wife, and mother of three young children. They have a family dog and enjoy many adventures together. Her close knit family furthers the passion for natural solutions for generations to come!

Karl Marek


Mr. Karl Marek has been involved in the public markets for over 20 years, during which time Karl served in many capacities including due diligence, deal sourcing, marketing and capital raising to name a few. Karl began his career in sales at a Vancouver Investor relations company. In 2007, Karl started his own multi-tiered marketing firm which quickly rose to become an industry leader in their field, and within 2 years, said the company was a buyout target for one of the worlds most influential marketing companies and was sold. For the past 8 years, Karl has started and been running a successful private boutique equity firm that has consistently shown a range of 15 - 26.2% annual returns. Karl has the innate ability to be sector agnostic finding value that is not only sector driven, but management and fundamentally sound, and has overseen several projects ranging from Technology, to BioFuel, to Clean Coal, to Oil and Gas and Mining Exploration.

Christa Hiebert

President - Direct Sales Division

Christa Hiebert has been actively involved NX Brands and its suite of products since inception. Christa's experience, coupled with her passion, is to continue to break the mold of the conventional approach to marketing. As a forerunner, this led to the development of our Connective Sales-System and Affiliate Program. Once elected as President over the Direct Sales Division, her drive to discover and produce revolutionary, proprietary, cutting-edge products has fueled her tenacity to lead the ever-growing team of Connectors. Christa's talent is driven to create financial freedom and opportunity for others around the globe while changing their mindset on how to approach new dimensions of sales and products. Prior to joining NX Brands Christa has spent over 16 years in the development and administration of internationally publicly traded companies.

Chad Luellen


Chad Luellen is a technical executive with over 15 years of leadership in e-commerce, search engine optimization, online marketing, and web management, helping brands like Tommy Bahama and Behringer Music Group grow in global multi-channel sales, reach and efficiency. He is a creative problem-solver, bridging the gaps between technical and creative teams, with a strong focus on analytics and returns on investment. Chad lives in Costa Rica with his wife where they participate in volunteer work part-time. He enjoys traveling, cooking, brewing, surfing, spearfishing, and entertaining.

Robert Culos

Manufacturing and Procurement Supervisor

Robert Culos is our Logistics Supervisor at NX Brands. His passion for growing was seeded over 30 years ago, in his hometown of Powell River, while working alongside his grandfather in the garden. Fast forward to today, and Robs continued passion brings many important components to our NX Brands team. Experience, knowledge, as well as a strong desire to implement natural and cost-efficient products into the agricultural world are just a few. Rob enjoys problem-solving with his clients. He feels a great sense of pride when he can introduce solutions that produce positive results for the grower, without a negative impact on the environment. Moving forward, Rob is eager to build and maintain new relationships with NX Brands products.

Lorenn Klassen

E-Commerce & Customer Service

With a background in Office Administration and Customer Service Lorenn is the perfect fit to keep all of the current and future NX Brands websites smoothly running and their customers returning. Lorenn has worked in various industries from Vitamins to Engineering and has been solely involved in E-Commerce ventures for the past 5 years.

Zach Luellen


Zach Luellen is an accomplished photographer with a large portfolio of brand, commercial product, and lifestyle photography for brands including Tobacco Motowear, 10 Barrel Brewing, HMK USA, Seamus Golf, Dakine, and Naklin. He balances incredible creativity with post-production skills and his talents show through his work.

Bentley Fachner

Social Media

Bentley is fit with the task of marketing, content creation, outreaching to different media sources, kind customer service, and developing successful strategies to grow all media accounts under NX brands. Specializing in creating a social media experience for potential clients that is fun as well as engaging as our brand grows. He strives to find and create content that will make our viewers stop, like and follow. Bentley gives much importance to building audiences that convert to sales and makes sure that he retargets our current customers to keep sales climbing.

Chad Dewilde

Branding & Design

Chad Dewilde runs a creative studio with a focus on creating and shaping brands that people relate to and rely on. For over a decade he has worked with various product peddlers, Action Sports brands, and breweries in creating everything from Snowboard Graphics and Surf ads to Brand Books and Sublimated fabrics. He love mountains, hops, water, trails, and creating brands and products that help people enjoy these to the fullest. The brand building knowledge that he has gained from working in these industries has given him the insight to reach each brand's consumer, whether they prefer sliding on the snow, walking down the street, or sitting on the couch.