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NX Brands Connector Program
How do I become a Connector?

What do you get?

Revolutionary Products, One of a Kind Opportunity

NX Brands is a rapidly growing one-of-a kind company that employs a unique “Connective Sales System” to distribute products that work amazingly well and are environmentally friendly.  In joining NX Brands, you become a Sales Connector “SC” representing and distributing our revolutionary products. By creating customers, sourcing retail locations and other connectors, your potential for success and financial freedom increases.

When you join you get:

    • The choice of one of our NX Brands Starter Kits
    • Payment of commission and bonuses based on both individual and connective sales
    • The opportunity to create and grow your own individualized Connective Sales System
    • Access to our online supported Connective Sales System that has all the tools and tracking you need to be successful
    • To be part of an organization that is going to change the world, naturally

We also offer the ability for retail stores to carry our products. As a “Connector” you can use our platform to forge relationships with local businesses and vital parts of our communities while earning yourself a commission.

Within minutes, you’ll have your own login with the ability to process orders immediately. You’ll also have the latest technology in your hands to process orders in person with your customers, friends, and family. We are committed to the environment, so you will rarely see any paper from us. Almost everything we do, is done electronically through our website. Your Connector income is deposited directly into your bank account, and your invoices and purchases can be paid via credit card.

We’ve developed our program to work in any number of ways. By simply ordering products for your own personal use, or should you choose to, marketing them at local events, trade shows, and fairs, a Connector can easily add to their existing income. Your first return for your effort is a 30% commission payable on all your referred retail sales. You will also have discounted pricing on the NX Brands website for a 30% discount on all personal purchases. To take your opportunity to another level, we’ve made it easy for you to connect a team and have new connectors join your business too. Best of all every sale they make will add to your income and as they bring on additional connectors of their own, your income continues to grow along with theirs. Everyone starts from the same position and your success is only determined by your willingness to work and succeed.

What does it cost to become a CONNECTOR?

There is a required one time purchase of one of the following NX Brands Starter Kits:

MIGHTY KIT: For $595 CAD the NX Brands Starter Kit

  • $550 of NX Brands Store Credit
  • Ongoing 30% discount on all orders
  • Additional 10% off your first order via store credit
  • Your CONNECTOR membership

IMPACT KIT: For $295 CAD the NX Brands Starter Kit

  • $250 of NX Brands Store Credit
  • Ongoing 30% discount on all orders
  • Additional 5% off your first order via store credit
  • Your CONNECTOR membership

VALUE KIT: For $95 CAD the NX Brands Starter Kit

  • $50 of NX Brands Store Credit
  • Ongoing 30% discount on all orders
  • Your CONNECTOR membership

For all Connectors:

To remain an active Connector in good standing and be eligible to receive commission and bonus payouts, a Connector is required to purchase $50 CAD of approved NX Brands products per month. If you want to retain your standing automatically, you are welcome to purchase a Connector Monthly Subscription which is issued as store credit on and will be automatically applied for you during checkout.

You will receive 30% commission on your direct website sales and 6% commission on sales from anyone you sign up as a Connector in perpetuity, as long as you remain an active Connector.

You will have 30% off discounted pricing for any of your own purchases for personal use, or for direct sales at the retail price to others at a 30% profit.

Payouts are made once per month, for the previous month. Seasonal and performance-driven promotional bonuses and discounts available to be achieved.

Become an NX Brands Connector today!

Step 1: Purchase a Connector Startup Kit on
Purchase a Startup Kit
Step 2: Sign up as an NX Brands Connector

Please Note: If an existing Connector gave you a link to sign up, please use that link instead of the button below to sign up and ensure they get their commission for your referral.

Sign Up as a Connector

If you have any issues with the above steps, please contact us at and we’ll make sure to help you through the process.

  • Affiliates
    • 15% commission on every sale you refer
    • No initial or monthly commitment
    • You may purchase products for your own use via your affiliate links and receive commissions
    • Multiple product lines to promote via your website, blog or follower base
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  • Connectors
    • 30% discount on all of your purchases
    • 6% commission on every sale made through other connectors you sign up
    • Up to 40% discount on your first order
    • Startup Kit purchase and $50 CAD minimum monthly purchase required
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  • Retailers
    • 30% wholesale discount for approved retail stores
    • Must be a registered and licensed business
    • Small minimum purchase quantities allow freedom to shop and sell what you want when you want
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