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NX Brands Affiliate Program
How do I become an Affiliate?

Earn commissions by partnering with the world’s most unique brands while successfully promoting our products right from your fingertips.  When you join our Affiliate Program you will be provided with your own login to gain access to your personal store where will be provided assets to market our unique NX Brands products.  We will supply you with a wide range of banners and textual links that can be placed on your website, blog, email or social media platforms. For each sale generated from your links, you will make 15% commission off your affiliate market partnership.  Affiliate marketing is the only channel that reaches and influences consumers worldwide, at every part of their purchase journey. Fast and competitive payouts, robust tracking and cost savings are passed on to our valued affiliates, join us today and start experiencing how NX Brands can work for you!

  • Pay-Per-Sale 15% commission for each sale you deliver.
  • You can collect commissions on your own purchases for an effective 15% discount on all eligible products with no monthly commitment.
  • Payments are made once per month, for the previous month.
  • $50 CAD minimum for commission payouts
  • Seasonal and performance-driven promotional bonuses and discounts available to be achieved.

Become an NX Brands Affiliate today!

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  • Affiliates
    • 15% commission on every sale you refer
    • No initial or monthly commitment
    • You may purchase products for your own use via your affiliate links and receive commissions
    • Multiple product lines to promote via your website, blog or follower base
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  • Connectors
    • 30% commission on every sale you refer
    • 30% discount on all of your purchases
    • 6% commission on every sale made through other connectors you sign up
    • Up to 40% discount on your first order
    • Startup Kit initial purchase and $50 CAD minimum monthly purchase required
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  • Retailers
    • 30% wholesale discount for approved retail stores
    • Must be a registered and licensed business
    • Small minimum purchase quantities allow freedom to shop and sell what you want when you want
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