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Direct Sales Opportunities
Connectors, Retailers, and Affiliates Welcome

NX Brands has created a powerhouse engine designed to drive you to a heightened level of sales experience.  We have taken out the risk of becoming an entrepreneur, eliminated the commitment of large overhead costs and have created a sales platform that is as unique as the products we carry.  We are not to be confused or compared to conventional multi-level sales structures, but to change the way we approach new technologies with traditional methods.

We could have chosen many ways to bring our proprietary products to the market, but we chose a direct sales approach through raising up individual sales connectors. Using the most trusted sales method which is through word of mouth, our products speak for themselves; all you need to do is share them! We have created an environment for success and opportunity for financial freedom, you connect people with our products while we do the rest.

Become an NX Brands Connector, Retailer or Affiliate today!

  • Affiliates
    • 15% commission on every sale you refer
    • No initial or monthly commitment
    • You may purchase products for your own use via your affiliate links and receive commissions
    • Multiple product lines to promote via your website, blog or follower base
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  • Connectors
    • 30% commission on every sale you refer
    • 30% discount on all of your purchases
    • 6% commission on every sale made through other connectors you sign up
    • Up to 40% discount on your first order
    • Startup Kit initial purchase and $50 CAD minimum monthly purchase required
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  • Retailers
      • 30% wholesale discount for approved retail stores
      • Must be a registered and licensed business
      • Small minimum purchase quantities allow freedom to shop and sell what you want when you want
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