At NX Brands our Mandate is one of passion, community, innovation, determination, and hard work. The overall description of the characteristics necessary to carry out our mandate is best represented by the honey bee. Throughout history bees have been the symbol of synergy throughout nature, they are necessary to all earth’s ecosystems and showcase the ability to work together for a common goal. The same way the honey bee naturally affects the world around it, our goal at NX Brands is to develop and provide solutions that will bring about change on a worldwide scale. NX Brands showcases the products and tools necessary to effect change in your lifestyle while using many of nature’s finest ingredients to do so.

Join NX Brands’ membership program through our Connective Sales System powered to offer you unique products with deep discounts. By developing our proprietary products and discovering unique brands that all are woven with the same common thread, we find solutions for our customers, not customers for our products.



What is a Connector?

Our Connectors bring customers closer to products and cut out all of the unnecessary layers that drive up costs.  You connect people to our products while NX Brands scours the globe to discover unique products, bringing a plethora of exciting options to enthusiast consumers.

There is no better route to buyers than through our revolutionary direct sales approach. With the most trusted sales method of “word of mouth” we give you an amazing opportunity for success and financial freedom while giving consumers great products at great prices.

How do I become a Connector?

What do I do next? How do I become an NX Brands Connector?

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What is an Affiliate?

Earn commissions by partnering with the world’s most unique brands while successfully promoting our products right from your fingertips. We enable our influencers to reach their audience with our specially sourced and curated products; all you need to do is share them!

How do I become an Affiliate?

What do I do next? How do I start making affiliate commission??

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I’m a retail location and want to carry NX Brands products on my shelves!

What do I do next? How do I carry these products in my store?

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I’m an entrepreneur, I’d like to see my products on your Marketplace. What do I do next?

Our powerhouse marketplace takes the risk out of entrepreneurial endeavors. We’ve eliminated the commitment of large overhead costs and have created a sales platform that is as unique as the products we carry. Check out our case studies and testimonials of other vendors and small manufacturers like you. Get started today by filling out the contact form below. Our fees are a fraction of what you would pay on any other site, inquire today!


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